Experience Days

If you are looking for an experience day, look no further than PT Sports Cars. Through our partner company, we organise specialist experience day packages.

If you are looking to get on the track at a professionally organised experience day, look no further than PT Sports Cars sister company, TECHTRAK, a company dedicated to providing specialist experience day, as well as track day and race day hire/support.

Book a driver package and leave the rest to us. Turn up at your chosen track on the day of the organised event and you’ll be greeted by our experienced team who will guide you through each stage of the day.

Throughout the day, you’ll get to experience driving a range of different cars. Our driving instructors will help you to get the most from each car you drive, resulting in you having the most amount of fun possible.

Our experience days come with a large side of extras that you perhaps wouldn’t expect! For instance, at all events we have our three axis race simulator in the pit garage. This provides a great way to learn the track, or get the feel for a car before you head out onto the track.

For more information, click here to view the TECHTRAK website, or use the link below.