Transmission6 speed manual
0-62 MPH3.0
Top Speed200

Ultima GTR

Shock and awe! This may be the very best Ultima GTR – it drives faultlessly, has in excess of 750bhp from the Chevrolet 427ci LS7 engine, coupled to a Porsche G96 6-speed transaxle, and had many upgrades and improvements during a 23 month rebuild by Charles Dunn Engineering totalling over £70,000! Since then the car has been maintained absolutely regardless of cost and is a credit to its owners. The aim of all this work was to produce a true 200mph car that’s as happy touring as being on track – job done, we think!

  • 750bhp Chevrolet LS7 engine with improved breathing, high profile cams, 110mm throttle body and self-learning ECU upgrades. All work carried out by Charles Dunn with Gale Engineering
  • Porsche G96 6 speed transmission
  • Cooling system developments – upgraded Evo 1020 radiator, fans and free flow grills (giving 50% more air flow), electronically regulated high pressure electric water pump – all allowing the engine to heat up more quickly but still run cool at slow speeds
  • Air con (essential in these cars!) – simplified and refreshed for efficient operation
  • Redesigned fuel system and mods to cure the common Ultima fuel vaporisation issues at high temperature
  • Professionally refurbished cabin and bespoke dash with leather and Alcantara. Extensive engine bay heat insulation to reduce noise and heat soak. Great detail like foldaway PVC seat covers to avoid seats getting dirty on entry and exit
  • Suspension upgrades – 50% stiffer track day springs with standard Ultima dampers – sharp handling but the car still has a supple feel on the road
  • Rewired electrical system for greater reliability
  • Upgraded clutch slave and master cylinders to avoid Ultima clutch drag problems

This is a truly incredible car so call us to arrange a time to come and view it. And hear it!