Transmission5 spd manual
0-62 MPH5
Top Speed110

Caterham Academy car 2019 – unused

This car was bought and built to race in the 2019 season and then…wasn’t! With only 800 miles on it this car is screaming out to be used. It’s a brilliant platform for driver progression – upgrade the car as and when you’re ready to go faster or keep it as is and have fun on track days and weekend blats. This is a car full of opportunity and options for use.

  • Academy-spec Sigma 1600cc 125bhp VCT engine – can upgrade to 310R spec
  • 5 speed manual gearbox
  • Narrow track front suspension
  • Full weather gear
  • Tillett seats
  • Momo QR steering wheel
  • 13″ Apollo wheels
  • Full cage
  • Fire extinguisher plumbed in

The car will come with our full 100 point inspection and 3m warranty. Call and book an appointment to see it or drop in at any time for tea and a chat.