Transmission5 speed manual
0-62 MPH4.8
Top Speed125+
ColourPearlescent Orange

2018 Caterham 310R

This stunning 310R is the latest addition to the PT stock list. There are times you can tell a car has been well cared for and this is a perfect example. It arrived today with hand polished exhaust, radiator and even the boot board under the fuel tank. The condition is nigh on perfect!

The full specification includes:

  • Ford Sigma VCT engine (152bhp)
  • Mazda 5 speed gearbox
  • BMW differential with Titan LSD
  • AP Racing brake master cylinder
  • Caterham big brakes (4 pot calipers)
  • Heater
  • Widetrack
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • FIA roll over bar
  • Lowered floors
  • Tillett seats
  • Driver & passenger harnesses

Despite the condition this 310 will be subjected to our rigorous pre-sale inspection and any work required will be undertaken before being sold on. For questions, more pictures of to view this car please call or email us any time.