Transmission5 speed manual
0-62 MPH5.2
Top Speed120+

1998 Caterham Supersport

Our demo car has come back. This early K series Supersport is well known to PT having been built for our MD as a demonstrator. Unfortunately it was sold before we had a chance to drive it and now she is back after very little use.

This is an early Supersport with the handbrake under the dash and comes with the following specification:

  • 1.6 K series engine. Pre cat so 138bhp
  • 5 speed Ford type 9 gearbox
  • 3.9 Ford differential with plated LSD
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Full cage powdercoated in red
  • Wrapped in white
  • Tillett seats
  • Driver and passenger harnesses
  • Battery cut off switch

This car has been sat for some time and will be fully recommissioned by PT ahead of sale. Full details of the work being undertaken will be provided to the new owner. This Supersport will be supplied with warranty and 12 months MOT.

There are age related marks as would be expected of a car of this age but she is a perfect base for a track car or to be painted. The car can be supplied with a screen and doors at extra cost. Unfortunately the car has had the odometer changed at some point so the mileage cannot be verified.

For any questions or enquiries please call or email any time.