Transmission5 speed manual
0-62 MPH7.0
Top Speed105+
ColourBare ali

1998 Caterham Classic VX

This 1998 Vauxhall engine Caterham Classic was driven by Robin Webb in 2019 to win the Caterham Graduates Classic Championship (with races to spare). Robin has since upgraded the car and we now offer it for sale as a perfect entry level Caterham or base for a project.

The full specification includes:

  • 1600 SOHC Vauxhall engine (105bhp)
  • Twin 40 Weber DCOE side draft carbs/K&N filters
  • 5 speed gearbox
  • Rakeway Ltd floating half shaft set up (per Caterham Graduates regulations)
  • Ital live axle (4.1:1 differential)
  • Low back fiberglass seats
  • Driver and passenger harness
  • New wings, nose, screen amongst other items

After winning the Championship the car was retired before an overhaul by us with a road car bias in mind. A copy of the work undertaken by PT will be supplied to the new owner (invoice amount just short of £1400). This Classic will be provided with warranty and 12 months MOT ahead of sale.

This would be a perfect entry Caterham for a very small price and will be a great base for fresh paint or removal of cage to further road bias the car. Surprisingly for an ex race car, it does not have the obligatory Caterham nose cone shaped dent in the back panel!

For questions or viewings please call or email us any time.